Amazon Top Selling Products This Holiday Season

top selling products on amazon

Just like with cost, you’ll want to find the right balance when it comes to competition. You won’t want to get involved with a product or category that has too much competition, however, you also don’t want to start selling a product that no one is interested in. On the con side, it’s hard to build a consistent business since you’re always chasing discounted products in various stores. Plus, you need a good grasp of consumer demand cycles so you don’t overbuy goods on the decline—like kids’ backpacks when the back-to-school rush is over. Sports & Outdoor items often sell faster during the spring and summer months. When the longer days and warmer weather push more people outside, there’s an uptick in sales as people prepare for outdoor activities. Keeping seasonality in mind is important as you strategize which products you’d like to sell.

Now, you have an easy way to access whatever you need on your trip without having to undo all your careful packing. Some popular products in this category are bedding, furniture, cleaning supplies, heating, cooling, air purifiers, and products for the kitchen and dining.

Look For Small, Light & Durable Items

If you plan to sell homemade or handmade items, try making products for one of the categories discussed above. Everyone wants to look their best, so you can always count on the beauty category to drive sales. Plus there are always new products being released, and even an emerging men’s market, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to grow your inventory. Unlike the other two categories we’ve talked about so far, things don’t change a lot in Home & Kitchen. Like books, the Toys & Games categories also largely depend on trends. There will always be a new hot toy or game that everyone wants. Analyzing best seller data will help you stay on top of what’s popular in that category and capitalize on surges in popularity.

top selling products on amazon

Not only that, if your investment turns out to be bad and you don’t recoup your money, your overall loss will be lower. Many suppliers will send you product samples, so be sure to request those while you do your research.

Amazon Care Now Available Nationwide As Demand Continues To Grow

The scores are out of 10 and any product or niche that scores above 7 has a very good chance of becoming a best seller. Simply analyze an item or niche with the extension to get the score.

  • More and more people are buying glasses online, possibly due to the vast array of cheaper frames.
  • An excellent tool for vetting the people you’ll need to be partners with is Sourcify.
  • Crockpots like this one are becoming more popular since they simplify cooking and allow you to have dinner ready when you get home.
  • Just because something sells well at Christmas doesn’t mean it will sell great in the summer.
  • It’s funny how with all the new technology available simple card games like this one continue to dominate the Toys & Games category.
  • If you’re a 40-year-old balding man (which there’s nothing wrong with), shampoo products might not be your thing—and that’s OK.

It would be best to invest in items that are likely in demand all year long. Review “best sellers” pages within your potential categories.

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This being said, like wholesale product sourcing, direct sourcing requires a careful eye on your product costs, inventory levels, and reorder quantities. Plus, you’ll have stock storage, and order packing and shipping to think about, which you can do yourself or outsource to FBA. When you work with wholesale suppliers, you purchase goods in bulk, often in units called “case packs,” store your inventory, and ship products as they’re ordered.

Top 10 Best Selling Items & Categories On Amazon In 2022

Here is everything you need to know about the e-commerce platform, its fees, and products you can’t sell. Sellers can use this list to analyze the types of toys and games popular with children and their families. Currently, STEAM toys are the most popular, including science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, etc. Jesse Sumrak is a writing zealot focused reviews on creating killer content. He’s spent almost a decade writing about startup, marketing, and entrepreneurship topics, having built and sold his own post-apocalyptic fitness bootstrapped business. A writer by day and a peak bagger by night , you can usually find Jesse preparing for the apocalypse on a precipitous peak somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.