This may or may not be true because

forex review

And to answer your question about risk, let’s just say that I have been apart of MANY sites like this in the past and I still dabble in some of them. The type of risk that comes with CFX is not really on whether or not they will continue to pay.

This may or may not be true because there is a lot they do not tell us. I cannot find answers to these anywhere. Make no mistake CFX are making a lot of money somewhere but none of that information is available for scrutiny. I should not have to ask these questions. From what ur saying any sort of network marketing or MLM business model can not be a support system to an existing proven product. Isn’t that true for any business that it would fail if no customers are joining. From what i know, they make money everytime you withdraw your money.

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Grant That was a big red flag for me – where is the money coming from? All my spidey senses were tingling a big “no thank-you”. The main thing for me is I don’t know if these kind of high returns 1 to 1.5% per day / everyday is actually possible. Can you do a review on Accelerated capital Firm? They are doing the same thing, however you get 40% on your returns every month.

forex review

FAQs and website client support were satisfactory, but repeated attempts to contact via "live chat" proved to be unsuccessful. Social media support is not available, although they do have social media accounts where they post market analysis and company information. dotbig testimonials None of the information in this review is accurate. CashFX is far from a revsharing platform. You can see if all in the back office and you don’t have to recruit a single soul in order to be successful. The company pays returns on your own money that’s being traded.

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The implication seems to be that you’ve had enough time to test our platform, so either open a funded "live" account or go elsewhere. GBE brokers is a fully licensed and regulated CFD broker that has assembled a young and professional team with significant banking and financial market experience. The right to a fair and direct communication with clients, employees and partners is part of our understanding of honesty and transparency. They have no licence to trade and as you said, if the traders were really making that return on trading, they would keep putting in their own money instead of giving it to others. It seems to be a MLM company and using everyones deposits and packages to payout.

  • Always say what they do and do what they say.
  • Trading never guarantees constant gains everyday.
  • I would rather take my 300$ and donate to a good cause.
  • Each pack comes with its earning potential, along with points that count towards your recruiting efforts.
  • Traders can add or withdraw funds, view trade history, create watchlists, access news, and view charts from the mobile app.

We are sorry to learn that your experience with our support team was substandard. We always strive to provide the most courteous and knowledgeable answers, and we apologize if we were unable to rise to that standard in this instance. In addition, every broker we surveyed was required to fill out a 320-point survey about all aspects of their platform that we used in our testing.

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MTI does pay very, very slowly, so that’s their strategy to keep things going for a while. However, only time will tell how long that will last. You can go with how long before people stop joining or when some kind of legal action is taken. I can’t really say, but the time will definitely come. Other than that, can’t really take a review serious when the author of the review pitched his own product multiple times throughout the review.

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This is an easy, quick and lucrative way to accumulate bitcoin. The best part – MTI pays you 10% of the dotbig testimonials amount invested out of their own profits. CFX would seem to be lucrative for those building teams.